Mats Lönngren 3012 Watch Series

Mats Lönngren 3012 Watch Series

by Yoav
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The 3012 Series by Finnish designer Mats Lönngren for Hygge tells time using two rotating disks instead of traditional hands. The two disks are layered on top of each other. The bottom larger disk indicates the hours and the smaller top disk marks the minutes. The disks are different colours to allow the wearer to distinguish between the hours and minutes.

Lönngren designed the watch with quality and simplicity in mind. Each disk features a small triangular arrow extruding from the edge to tell the time. The crown sits flush with the case allowing it to be pulled out only when necessary.

The watch has a rubber strap and a stainless steel case that has been sand blasted to create a matte finish. There are three colours available: white and orange, black and orange and white and grey.

Mats Lönngren (born 1981) is a Finnish concept designer. He graduated in 2010 with a Masters of Art degree at Aalto University and now works at the design agency Pentagon Design in Helsinki. Lönngren has a background both in product and conceptual design and he has worked with several organizations including Nokia, Golla and SNCF. "My interests lie in a broad design profile and therefore I combine work in various fields. In my design processes I combine research, empathy and creativity", Lönngren has said.

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