WASH WITH JOE Puts Coffee in Your Body Wash

WASH WITH JOE Puts Coffee in Your Body Wash

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WASH WITH JOE body wash features an ingredient you might not expect - coffee! When used topically, coffee with caffeine has been found to naturally deodorize by absorbing and eliminating odors without adding any scent of its own. Additionally, research suggests that it may also repair UV damage and prove to be a stronger antioxidant than green tea. When applied to the skin, coffee with caffeine shows anti-inflammatory and firming qualities.

WASH WITH JOE gives you a stimulating jumpstart to your day. The revitalizing blend of 100% Real Pure Coffee (coffee is the first ingredient listed on WASH WITH JOE’S label) together with the invigorating sensation of Triple Filtered Steam Distilled Peppermint EO helps balance body and mind. This lavishly foaming and superbly effective gel body wash leaves you magnificently refreshed and clean. WASH WITH JOETM is unisex, modern and great for all skin types

● COFFEE applied to the skin operates as an antioxidant, diuretic, and natural deodorizer.
● GLYCERIN is a soothing humectant, which draws moisture from the air to the skin and an emollient, which makes the skin feel smoother.
● PANTHENOL ( PRO-VITAMIN B5) known for its repairing and soothing effects, improves the moisture- retention capacity of the skin (moisturizing effect) dry skin stays supple and elastic for longer, stimulates epithelization (skin regeneration) and has an anti- inflammatory and anti-itching effect enabling all skin types to look and feel their best.
● MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL clarified only by filtration contains a powerful antioxidant known as 3-MBTU, which is covered by US patents.
● TRIPLE FILTERED STEAM DISTILLED PEPPERMINT EO (origin US) provides a concentrated of nature’s vast pharmacological active ingredients in a single drop of oil

If you use a bar of soap instead of body wash, you may want to check out the Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap Bar we highlighted earlier this year.

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